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Amanda & Dave’s Forest feast – Die Woud


htp-daveamanda-lr-408I don’t know about you, but I think this is one of the most beautiful weddings ever! I’m sure it has something to do with these amazing images of Hayley Takes Photos, the stunning back-drop of the ‘oh so gorgeous’ venue, Die Woud and of course, the sheer joy that is pictured and captured on Dave & Amanda’s faces overtime the one looks at the other!
We so enjoyed planning this wedding for them, with the endless attention to detail that Dave brought in, to the patient back and forth banter we did for about a year, until the big day!
We also had fun creating the decor with a lovely strong geo concept, with beautiful origami stationary designed by David, hanging branches with origami cranes flying between fairy lights, local indigenous flowers contained in little rose gold terrariums.
I can still remember how long it took to fold his paper protea boutonniere just right!
Amanda looked like a little ballerina in her amazing Alana van Heerden creation, just love how the owl tattoo is highlighted by the design.
We’ll enough said, we hope you enjoy their images along with the stunning Whisky Bar as an idea for a cool pre-drinks concept!
Special thanks to:
Venue | Die Woud (amazing to work at your beautiful venue as always Janine & Nicolaas)
Dress | Alana van Heerden (love how it accentuates her back with that beautiful owl tattoo!)
Photos | By the amazingly talented Hayley Takes Photos
Wedding coordination & decor and flowers & hanging installations & origami | San-Marie from CreativeNook
Napery | Tablecloth Hiring
Furniture & Marquee letters | Goeters
Rentals | Blooming Wonderful, CreativeNook, LJVintners
Marriage officers | Michelle from Marriage Matters
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