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Liezel + Frederick- Die Woud

Simply sublime! Looking back at these moody images by Hayley Takes Photos, you can’t help but feel as though you’re looking through an hourglass into someone’s real life fairy-tale.
With the involvement of the girls in the ceremony, to making them feel as though they are part of the covenant, to that amazing wedding dress!! Oh my word, I don’t think I’ve ever been as in love with a wedding dress as I am of Liezel’s made for her by Juanita Toerien.
I hope you also feel warm and fuzzy inside, as you view their beautiful August wedding.
What a privilege to be able to play a small role in this special couple’s new beginning.
Special thanks to:
Photo credit: Hayley Takes Photos
Venue: Die Woud
Wedding Dress: Juanita Therein
Suit: Scotch and Soda
Jewellery: Dear Rae
Hair & Make-up: Marnel Toerien
Stationary: Pretty in stains
Decor, florals & lifting: CreativeNook
Bridesmaid dress: Found

HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-91 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-94 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-95 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-124 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-156 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-167 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-243 HTP-Pairs-LF-02 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-263 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-266 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-279 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-311 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-284 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-312 HTP-Pairs-LF-01 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-14 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-23 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-3 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-41 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-42 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-48 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-316 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-340 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-361 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-369 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-467 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-468 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-551 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-485 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-557 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-560 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-566 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-579 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-592 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-597 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-598 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-599 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-601 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-604 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-605 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-615 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-616 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-617 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-618 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-631 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-638 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-636 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-654 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-658 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-664 HTP-Pairs-LF-11 HTP-Pairs-LF-12 HTP-Pairs-LF-13 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-746 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-748 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-755 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-758 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-765 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-817 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-804 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-851 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-844 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-869 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-899 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-904 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-922 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-952 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1016 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1099 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1108 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1131 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1275 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1281 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1335 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1377 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1418 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1424 HTP-LiezelFrederick-DieWoud-LR-1618

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