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Sian & Calvin’s Hanging Garden Wedding

I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that Sian just makes the most beautiful bride! It’s amazing to look through these images and be so aware of the emotions running under the surface which makes these images so much more compelling to look at.
Jacques and Sian finally tied the knot after having a little one along the way, on a very hot day, on the 4th of February 2017.
In every images Jacques seems to drink in the sight of Sian, making me feel as though we are intruding for being part of their precious moments together!
Thank you Nelani Photography for capturing them so beautifully.
Decor, floral styling & hanging gardens | CreativeNook
Napery | Tablecloth Hiring
Stationary | Blooming Wonderful
2017-02-22_0005 2017-02-22_0011 16996351_713139765512712_8775273193004129034_n 17038987_713139768846045_2912816721843265346_o Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-5-of-16-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-10-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) 17015654_713140015512687_7071462044505733459_o 17015725_713139962179359_2304270966920385428_o 16998197_713139815512707_4427473552715079556_n 16997971_713139658846056_2765175491689205233_n Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-19-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-25-of-173-802x1024(pp_w767_h980) 16998197_713139815512707_4427473552715079556_n 16991858_713140005512688_3731895702680798241_o 2017-02-22_0054 2017-02-22_0045 2017-02-22_0012 2017-02-22_0020 Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-57-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-59-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-71-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-72-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-74-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-76-of-173-683x1024(pp_w653_h980) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-79-of-173-683x1024(pp_w653_h980) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-80-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-84-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-85-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-92-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-91-of-173-683x1024(pp_w653_h980) Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-93-of-173-1024x683(pp_w980_h653) 17021478_713141625512526_4512064922098799631_n 17015796_713143575512331_4163675148945740299_o 16998203_713143268845695_7323099470623977972_n 16997726_713141632179192_1439032609478677894_n 16996145_713144015512287_4505731151304202773_n 16904830_713143615512327_4472628254622703849_o 16806823_713142972179058_8480618522231912910_n 16806720_713140775512611_8493927906014276753_n 16905026_713143242179031_2264289962764046583_o 15541633_713141378845884_8950522985163754402_n Nelani-van-Zyl-Photography-106-of-173-683x1024(pp_w653_h980) 2017-02-22_0048 2017-02-22_0041 2017-02-22_0035 2017-02-22_0006-511x1024(pp_w489_h980) 2017-02-22_0037 2017-02-22_0044 2017-02-22_0049

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