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Kirsty & Brett ‘s Copper & blush wedding

What a wonderful celebration of family & friends! When I look back at these images of Kirsty & Brett’s wedding, I love all the little details that were so important to her when we first met up about a year ago to discuss the decor & florals of their wedding.
The food-trucks serving pre-drink grub looked amazing! I’m so thankful for these beautiful images by Tabitha from Illuminate photography. I hope these images warm you up today, as we’re listening to the rain falling down.. I remember it being 40 degrees in Paarl during December when this lovely Dahlia & copper wedding took place at Belair Pavillion.
Special thanks to:
Venue | Belair Pavillion
Photography | Illuminate Photography
Stationary | Bride
Decor, florals & lighting | CreativeNook
Lounge pocket furniture | Baie Goeters
Pre-drinks entertainment | Resound Music
DJ | Your DJ
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