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Lisa & Nic’s- Modern Minimalist wedding

The Wedding Reception-4-1Having been together for more than ten years at the time of our engagement, we never thought that marriage would make a profound difference for us, and we’ve been very surprised at how wrong we were. On meeting Nic at the top of the aisle, I remember feeling this intense flood of gratitude for him; for all that had led up that moment, and for all that was to come in the future. We’d always been an excellent team, Nic and I, but during that ceremony, there was a shift that made the bond even more significant. Since then, we’ve enjoyed flinging the terms husband and wife around, and feel more than ever like the wolfpack we’ve always referred to ourselves as.
I am a serious décor enthusiast, and my aesthetic preference has always been a modern minimalist look, generously adorned with natural elements in a limited colour pallet. I love the juxtaposition between harsh industrial materials like glass and metal and soft organic ones, and saw our wedding as the perfect opportunity to play with that idea. Nic and I both have a flare for the dramatic, so striking features and unexpected details always make us happy. The giant marquee initials framed the venue and made us feel like stars on a stage built just for us, and the generous banquet served on giant platters under overhanging foliage made the our wedding feel like something out of our favourite show – Game of Thrones. That was further re-enforced by the hanging gold table names that represented places from that world, and the candle light that reflected off the crystal on the tables and chandeliers.
Our wedding was a fantasy come to life for us. Every aspect of it was tailored to us and came together to form the close-knit, generous, comfortable and whimsical feeling that we hoped for. It was a fun day, spent surrounded by all the people that we love, in the most beautiful environment that we could imagine into being.
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The Wedding Reception-39-1
A big thank you to the following service providers:
Venue | Winery Road Forest
Decor & floral styling | CreativeNook
Dress: Pronovias
Suit: C Squares
Bridesmaids dresses and satin gowns: My Mom Gail Temmers
Makeup: Amirah Samodien
Hair: Rene Coetzee
Cake: Toni’s Freshly Baked
Photography: The Dollie House
Marquee letters: Goeters

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