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“San-Marie, wow we are impressed, u always wow us away. You and Ludwich did an amazing job with our photos.”
-Janelle & Gavin, October 2016, Welbeloond Estate

“Amazing photographers, so creative and absolutely wonderful people to work with!”
-Bahia Groenewaldt, August 2015, Winery Road Forest

“Thank you so much Ludwich and San-Marie!  Gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos!
You were both amazing so thank you so much for all the work.”
– Lauren, Sept 2012, In the Vine

We specialize in wedding photography and offer our clients a choice of :
•    still digital photography
•    hand printed (black and white) film photography
•    lomo-graphy (an out of the box, multiple lens film camera that puts a creative spin on the ordinary)
•    we also offer studio family shoots/engagement shoots/pregnancy shoots

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